Paradigm Partners is a marketing agency that specializes in lead and sales generation for B2B and B2C businesses.

Proof is always in the results. Check out some of our B2B and B2C campaigns to see the results you could achieve.

Paradigm has two distinct advantages over those you may have worked with.

The first is our experience in understanding how a business goes to market whether direct through multiple channels of distribution, retail, or ecommerce. Once we understand our client’s sales process then we examine why the customer would buy these products and services and what the competition is offering or not. Then we develop the best marketing solutions to sell more products and services to the targeted customer. Otherwise we are guessing.

The second advantage is our broad-based solutions expertise, with over 1,000 campaigns created and over $120 million in client billings. Our solutions: Website Design, SEO, AdWords, Big Data Artificial Intelligence Advertising, IP Address Targeted Advertising, Competitive Website Remarketing, Facebook Lead Generation, LinkedIn Lead Generation, Mobile Location Advertising, Mobile Apps, Email Lead Generation, Direct Mail Lead Generation, Direct Mail Store Traffic Generation, Website Lead Capture Software, Sales and Channel Incentives, Trade Show and Event Marketing, Customer Loyalty Programs, Customer Referral Programs, Consumer Game Promotions, Premiums and Promotional Products.

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